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Dear friends at Gelligaer,
It was wonderful to see familiar faces among the huge crowd at St.Woolos Cathedral on Saturday 27th June for the Petertide Ordination I was very nervous going in, but seeing smiling faces and hearing the good wishes helped to calm the nerves. The ordinands had been away together at Llantarnam Abbey for three days with Bishop Anthony Pierce, a real time of prayer and peace and a chance to really get to know each other well. The year at St. Michael's College was interesting and I enjoyed the study even though some of it was hard work, however I really did enjoy my time with you in the parish everyone welcomed me and made me feel a part of the team, for that I thank you. I hope that we will not lose touch and that you will continue to pray for me in my new ministry at Maesglas and Duffryn as I shall continue to pray for you. Sue'


Wed, 18 Feb 2009

Born in 1945, I was raised in Ty Catwg with my grandparents, living at Ypres, next door to the Rectory. Although the Rectory was built there later. I attended St Catwg's from babyhood to 1984 when I left to work in Saudi Arabia. I was part of the Mother's Union and on the PCC, Old timers will remember me as Carol Price, my grandmother being Florence Price, deputy church organist, Mother's Union, weddings and funerals organist, from way back to the late 1960s. During the war she was full time orgainist whilst Harold Davies was away in the army. She also crotcheted the lace on the alter cloths and the servers surplices. We were in the church choir, always sitting in the front, right pew. I used to sing the Soprano solos in the Harvest and Easter anthems, the tenor solos being sung by Dennis Price. Both my children, Terry and Robert Reynolds were acolytes during the time of Rector Clive Jones. Everyone knew when Terry was on the Thurible as he smoked the whole church out and everyone was coughing! I had the pleasure of cleaning it out after!

I would love to receive news from the magazine, if it's possible. Maybe I can make an intersting contribution to it, as I lived through a terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia and have written an account of my experience. I don't get home very often, these days as our home is now in Spain.

Thank you so much for contacting me.

With many fond memories

Carol Henderson



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